thegreatmollusk (thegreatmollusk) wrote,

Every one can see.

I just uploaded pictures of my Neighborhood Bike Riding Adventure on my Myspace!

I rode around with a camera in my hand so they're literally "shot from the hip" and showcasing the neighborhood in which the Caamanos and my bummin' ass lives. I thought about trying to take serious photos, but, eh, I took over 250 and I probably have the same number of good ones if I actually thought about what ever I was capturing.

I need to upload them elsewhere. They're pretty bad ass. Rocky, the dog, ran with me a lot of the time. I took shots of myself where I'm looking like fucking Dennis Hopper. Nah, I'm not that cool.

You like what you see? Hmm? Chest skin. Yes.

Rich came home early off the ship this evening. He came all the way from Guatemala and it only took a total of around 5 or 6 hours in the air! Not bad. I cleaned the house while Beverly drove out to pick him up. Cory worked. Other than cleaning I sat around and moped because I'm about to start bleeding for a week.

When I make public posts such as this, I make sure to write about menstrual blood.
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